About FVD

My initiation into weekly fantasy football started much like everyone else in October of last year. I play poker and many fantasy leagues so friends were pressuring me and the commercials intrigued me. I jumped on board and immediately, the similarities to online poker were unmistakable. You choose between bankroll building cash games or chase millions in the large guaranteed prize pools.

Much like poker, at first, it feels like a crap shoot and the winners are just "lucky". My friends however, were playing some of the highest games and beating them. They assured me it was a skill game. The rankings are flawed in many ways, the most notable being they are set on Monday mornings prior to MNF. Exploiting those flaws and finding that value is critical.

My first two lineups were dreadful and I didn't have the resources I wanted to assist me. I'm a numbers guy and I wanted to see, top to bottom, who was the most undervalued to the most overvalued. So I scraped in a couple of rankings, averaged them out and did a quick comparison of their salary to the salary of the spot where they should be. Jordan Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin and Alfred Blue jumped to the top of the board and FVD was born.

It seems over simplified but my dashboard takes into account weather, injuries, defensive match-ups and intangibles because the experts I'm aggregating are taking those things into account. My team and I submit dozens of lineups with many permutations of undervalued players in conjunction with the big dogs. FVD is critical in our discussion and decisions.

My newsletter will alert subscribers to new scrapes and include my weekly thoughts but I'm by no means an expert. Just a solid player who built a handy reference that's great for picking that first player to build your team around and even better for picking that last spot to round out your lineup.

Please send over any comments and suggestions. In the works is a mobile friendly platform, a dashboard featuring the most undervalued stacks and a board comparing salaries between sites. Enjoy and Good Luck!