Week 1 Thoughts - How best to use the tool

We call guys "must plays" when they're undervalued by over a K and are projected to get 12+ points with a CP3 down around $400. Jordan Matthews is the top play at present and I will have a ton of exposure in that Atl-Phi game. Hopefully, Chip runs a play every 20 seconds and never takes his foot off the gas. Many experts are saying not to stack Bradford since there are so many weapons but I will have a couple tickets loaded with birds.

CP3 is cost per project point. For my projected points algorithm, I averaged out the total for that ranking from last season. For instance, last season, the top ranked QB scored an average of 34 points so this week Aaron Rodgers is projected 1 by the experts so his Big 5 projected point total is 34. It may seem over simplified but the results are as accurate as any prognosticator I've seen.

This week, the most valuable FanDuel line up worth $66600, while leaving $800 on the board, theoretically:
QB Sam Bradford
RB Ameer Abdullah
RB Eddie Lacy
WR Jordan Matthews
WR Allen Robinson
WR Demaryius Thomas
TE Greg Olsen
K Hauschka
DE Cincy

The perfect theoretical lineup last year never won us the big bucks. We achieved the best results when we worked in our gut. I love Justin Forsett this week and I think Nelson Agholor gets in the end zone so this is my favorite lineup so far.

QB Sam Bradford
RB Justin Forsett
RB Eddie Lacy
WR Julio Jones
WR Nelson Agholor
WR Amari Cooper
TE Larry Donnell
K Robbie Gould
DE Jets

Eddie Lacy is a crazy obvious play this week being 6th on FanDuel and most experts have him number 1 overall. Him and Julio Jones represent the best examples of a "pivot" player. A pivot player is a high value, high dollar player that you many want to pivot away from in the hopes he craps out and you have a huge edge. I'll have a ton of exposure to Lacy but I will submit a couple tickets without him. He's in 30% of the lineups submitted on Thursday night and it'll be more on Sunday. So if he comes up small, you'd have a huge edge over 30+% of the field who will be mathematically eliminated.

I'll have a Matt Ryan, Julio Jones stack as well as Ryan usually starts strong. Bradford strikes me as a very strong cash game play. But I will post one unusual super stack with Bradford, Agholor and Matthews in a lineup very similar to the one above.

Hope everybody has a good week and please let me know if there's any information you would like to see and how you would like to see it. Just imagine if you knew someone who could write automated processes to scrape any data that was public domain and organize it anyway you wanted. Well you do now!

Good Luck!